Friends of Canon Gideon Foundation in Uganda 2018
2018 Politics students attending commencement reception Commencement
Becoming engaged and responsible citizens
in an increasingly complex and diverse world
Professor Mecellem lectures on human rights in Turkey
with Forestry Professor Ken Smith, and park rangers on Safari at Murchison Falls National Park Gender and Human Rights field study class

The mission of the Department of Politics is to provide students with the intellectual tools and the foundational knowledge they need to become engaged and responsible citizens in an increasingly complex and diverse world. Students grapple with consequential and relevant questions concerning justice, liberty, power, and equality, while they investigate the nature, purpose, and characteristics of political systems and political change. The Department’s curriculum challenges students to think critically about the interconnections of political institutions, political practice, concepts, and political events--at home and abroad--through various theoretical lenses and methodological approaches. Through the rigorous study of politics, the Department exposes students to a rich diversity of social and political perspectives, equipping them to become lifelong, independent learners and participants in a democratic society.


Happening Now:

Professor Patterson and Sewanee students are studying in Ghana for the Spring 2017 semester. Check out their blog posts and photos, here!